Day 2: 2022 National Korean Studies Seminar

The second day of the 2022 National Korean Studies Seminar began with brief words of encouragement from Sangwon Jung, Director of the Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles and a longtime supporter of the NKS Seminar series.
Next, Dr. Edward Park from the Department of Asian American Studies at Loyola Marymount University began his series of lectures. First, a lesson on Korean American Immigrant history was delivered, followed by a discussion on the growth and political awakenings of the Korean American community after the Los Angeles Uprisings of 1992.
Dr. Jefferey Kim, a History teacher from the Anaheim Union High School District opened the next segment of lectures with his presentation on the Korean American Studies course proposal submitted to the Anaheim School District. During his lecture, Dr. Kim included several examples of textbooks or references that could be incorporated into the suggested curriculum.
Finally, the day concluded with lessons on Hangul, or the Korean alphabet. Participants learned how to write their names in Korean using the alphabet chart, combining Korean consonants and vowels.

Suhh Yeon Kim is a student at Beverly Hills High School and an intern for the National Korean Studies Seminar. Her main interests include postcolonialist studies and Korean history, as well as AAPI advocacy and journalism.

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