The 2nd Annual Korean Language Teaching Method Using Korean Cultural Contents (제 2차 한국 문화 콘텐츠를 활용한 새로운 한국어 교수법)

The first day of the 2nd Annual Korean Language Teaching Method began with an introduction to the full training schedule and congratulatory remarks from Sangwon Jeong, the Director of the Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles and a longtime supporter of the NKS Seminar series.

After the introduction, Dr. Jennifer Jung-Kim from UCLA began her lecture on Korean language teaching method using digital Hallyu cultural content. Then, she taught the seminar about Korean Culture using online educational materials. Next, Sung Kim from NKS introduced the seminar to Korean Culture Days in US and websites used for Korean culture/history classes.

After a lunch break, Seong Kyung Kim from Jefferson Elementary School taught about Incorporating Korean culture into Korean language Immersion. Tai Hyuk Im from Gahl High School lectured about Integrating Korean proverbs in the Korean language. Sydney Yoo from Cedarlane Academy instructed the Connection with Korean fairy tales in the Korean language class.

Finally, the seminar concluded with Esther Kim from Gardena High School teaching the Introduction to Minhwa and How to use Minhwa in Korean classes.

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