2020 Korean History & Culture Seminar for American Educators: Participant Comments

Monday 6/22:

Very informative and lots of food for thought as I go about figuring out a focus for a Korea unit for my 7th grade world history/humanities students.

I learned so much today! I had very limited knowledge of Korean history/culture, so I really feel that today was such a great introduction! And all of the speakers were amazing.

The first day very insightful for me. It helped grow my knowledge of Korea and its history and culture. I really enjoyed the information shared today. I’m looking forward to the rest of the webinar as well as attending in person to be able to interact face-to-face. And see the Friendship Bell too.

As a Korean American educator, it is empowering to learn the history of a resilient nation and its people who continuously fought for democracy.

While it was conducted virtually, this webinar was well-organized. I sense that the planning committee spent lots of time making the virtual seminar effective and successful.  

Tuesday 6/23:

I went to the 5-day seminar in person last year and this year in zoom, I definitely enjoyed the last year’s seminar since we had a lot of hands-on activities! (I want to make the Kim-bob again!)

Compare to last year, mostly the same information was presented by the same presenters. I wish they can update or have some new presenters to present for those teachers who will be signing up this seminar every year.

The punctuality, focus, and quality of content are examples of your professionalism and hard work.  Thank you.

All of the lectures were so interesting and I really wish the lecturers had more time so that they don’t need to rush. I understand it’s inevitable in order to fit everything within 3 hours a day for 3 days, but I wish there was a better way.

Today’s webinar was very interesting to me because I learned so much about the history of immigration. I didn’t realize what Koreans went through.  I gained much deep appreciation for what Koreans had to endure.   I didn’t even know the Korean National Association Memorial Hall was in LA.  I will definitely visit. 

I really liked how the contents of each presenter were coherent with each other. At the same time, they were each unique and specific to a certain topic. I could also tell that the sequence of the presentations was well thought-out and intentional. Learning about the Korean history and culture through different lenses has allowed me to connect the pieces together, recognize the coherence, and gain a much deeper understanding of Korea.

The seminar was well-organized and informative. It will be hard to find this type of seminar that assist you to gain an insight of Korea. I truly cherish this opportunity.

Wednesday 6/24:

The last day of the webinar I learned so much about the riots of 1992 that I didn’t know. And I was a teenager during that time living in Chicago, not really understanding what was happening in California. I’m grateful for the knowledge that I now have about one of these times in history.

I enjoyed the diversity of topics in this program. We covered ancient history and modern culture. The seminar also gave multiple perspectives from Korean history in Korea and the United States. I was especially surprised to hear about connection between Korean Americans and the Civil Rights movements historically and today.

Since I live on the east coast, I most likely would not have been able to participate via a conference, if one had been held.  It was nice to see this posted on social media and shared through NCTA, which is where I saw it, and was able to attend virtually through the webinars.  This has been a very enjoyable and a great learning experience for me. 

This was such an amazing experience. I truly wish we could’ve attended the week-long seminar in person, but the webinar was amazing. So much great information and new things that I learned. I was very unfamiliar with Korean culture and this has really opened my eyes to new ideas and concepts.