Lecture PowerPoints

PowerPoint Lectures

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  1. What Koreans Want Americans to Know about Korea” Americans Should Know about Korea (California version) — middle, high school, and adults, including members of your faculty
  2. What should you know about Korea? 
  3. Updating Korean History (A) The first of a series of four on Korean history (early to 20th century) Segments are suitable for 6th, 7th, and 10th grade
  4. Japanese Occupation (B) The second in the series of four (1910-1945) World History
  5. The Korean War (C) The third of the series (1945-1953) World and U.S. History – high school
  6. Post Korean War (D) The fourth and last of the series (1953 to present times) – middle/high
  7. Economics Matters: Comparing South and North Korea – high school, 12th grade economics
  8. Silla and the Silk Road 6th, 7th, and 10th grade history/social science classes
  9. Pre-Modern Korea to early 20th Century – 6th, 7th, and 10th
  10. Korean Independence Movement 5th, 8th, 10th
  11. American Revolution 5th and 8th grade (as a possible comparison with the Korean Independence movement in dual language schools) — high school/adults – introductory information
  12. The Los Angeles Riots — secondary, United States History (Arirang DVD)
  13. Korean Architecture – art classes and middle and high school classes
  14. Korean Folk Art (Minhwa) — elementary and secondary
  15. Education in Korea: Past and Present (high school and adults) — elementary students might be interested in information on education today in Korea and the accompanying photographs of students in their classrooms.
  16. Introduction to Korea (text provided) — elementary and possibly junior high
  17. Korean Food– elementary
  18. Taeguki, the Korean National Flag — elementary
  19. Korean National Flower — elementary
  20. Korean National Anthem — elementary
  21. Korean Full Moon Festival Chuseok –elementary
  22. Samulnori — elementary
  23. Korean Calligraphy — elementary/middle school
  24. The King Tangun  — elementary
  25. Korean 4 Stick Game -Yutnori, a traditional popular Korean game – elementary
  26. Korean Wrapping Cloths: The Art of Bojagi – elementary and secondary
  27. Korean Kites – all grades
  28. Korean Martial Art: Taekwondo – all ages
  29. Etiquette and Names – all ages
  30. King Sejong and Hangeul –all ages
  31. Famous Koreans –all ages
  32. Traditional Clothing-Hanbok – all ages
  33. Understanding Korean Students and families – high school & educators
  34. Common Core aligned to Korean Instruction – high school & educators
  35. The Friendship Bell – middle/ high school & educators
  36. Gifted and Talented Education — high school & educators
  37. Korean Religion — high school & educators
  38. NEWL Korean Exam — high school & educator
  39. Korean American Immigration History — secondary & educators
  40. Sijo – Korean Poetic Form – secondary & educators
  41. Korean Art – all ages 
  42. Korean Dual Immersion Program
  43. Incorporating Korean Culture into Curriculum
  44. K-Pop Craze in the U.S.