NKS 2018 Fellowship Action Plan

Register for the seminar as a fellow if you reside outside of Los Angeles and nearby cities, and will need to fly in to Los Angeles to participate in the seminar. You must pay for your own airfare. The “fellowship” that you will receive will cover for your hotel stay during the duration of the seminar (hotel check-in Sunday night before the seminar and check-out Saturday morning, after the last day of the seminar). Fellowship applicants will also need to complete an Action Plan in order to qualify for the fellowship.

Click here for the Action Plan application form

The Action Plan is a view-only Google Document. You can either generate your own Google doc copy of this form by going to “file” –> “make a copy” and share that doc with our Gmail account (nationalkoreanstudies [at] gmail.com) or download the form as a PDF or Microsoft Word Document by clicking “file” –> “download as” to download a .doc or .pdf format. You should be able to do this even if you do not have a Google account.

When finished filling out the form, please share the Google Doc or send your PDF or Word Document as an attachment to nationalkoreanstudies [at] gmail.com.


And in case you need the Eventbrite link again, click here


Thank you for your cooperation!