Teaching East Asia: Korea (E-Book)

Please click here to access the Google folder with Teaching East Asia: Korea PDF pages. We suggest that you carefully read the introductory section, the history chapter that includes the History-Social Science Framework up through the time lines, the resources chapter, and then access chapters that are appropriate for the subjects that you teach and are of particular interest.

Files that are in the Google folder:

Intro pages: pp. 1-13

Chapter 1: History-Social Science: pp. 15-114

Chapter 2: Language: pp. 115-126

Chapter 3: Literature: pp. 127-170

Chapter 4: Art: pp. 171-196

Chapter 5: Music: pp. 197-218

Chapter 6: Religion-Philosophy: pp. 219-234

Chapter 7: Science and Technology: pp. 235-242

Chapter 8: Korean American History: pp. 243-256

Chapter 9: Tourism: pp. 257-266

Chapter 10: Resources: pp. 267-293 (End of book)

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