2020 NKS will be held via Zoom as a webinar

Hello everyone! 

Thanks for your continued interest in our seminar and for your patience in waiting for updates.  Here are some updates.  More details will follow in about a week: 

1) We will not be receiving the $50 deposit to secure your spot.  If you have already mailed a check, we will shred it and email you a photo of it shredded if you’d like to see it. 
2) But we will be asking for a $50 payment to those who will be applying for the 1 LAUSD Salary Point or 3 USC Continuing Education Units (CEU). This is to support staff who will be reviewing your homework assignments and submitting salary point paperwork. Details on when and how to pay will be shared with you closer to the start of the seminar. More info on what LAUSD Salary Point and CEUs are, please go to this webpage: https://koreanseminar.org/faq

3) To qualify for 1 LAUSD Salary Point or 3 USC CEUs, you must complete all 45 hours of seminar work (tentative deadline: July 31). This will consist of the following:

– 10 hours of National Korean Studies Webinar: Monday – Wednesday, June 22-24, 1-4:30pm Pacific Standard Time (PST)

– 20 hours of National Korean Studies Webinar homework assignment

– 6 hours of Sejong Cultural Society Webinar: Tuesdays, July, 7, 14, 21. 5-7pm PST.

– 10 hours of Sejong Cultural Society Webinar homework assignment

Webinar will be held via Zoom. 

Above hours include some break time. 

Asynchronous webinar participation will be available.
Thank you for your attention!  I will be back with a detailed schedule of the webinars and homework assignments soon– probably in a week or so. 

P.S. Please watch the 2nd episode of Short & Sweet Lessons on Korean History and Culture! Please like and comment!  

Short & Sweet Lessons: Episode 2: About Sijo, Korean poetry form:

With warm regards,
Jini Shim NKS Seminar Assistant Director

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