2018 Korean History & Culture Seminar Tuesday Recap

The second day of the 2018 Korean History & Culture Seminar for American Educators     was opened by Sung Kim, the Director, and Won Yi, the Director of IFKU (a very important sponsor). In the opening, the class watched the New York Philharmonic performance of “Arirang” in Pyongyang.


The first lecture was by Dr. Jennifer Jung-Kim. It was titled “Korea Since 1945.” Topics that were covered included: conditions in East Asia During WWII, the end of Japanese occupation, the division of Korea, the Korean War and its legacy, and the vital issue of the reunification of the Korean peninsula.

The second lecture is from Dr. Suzie Oh, “Incorporating Korean Culture into Curriculum” This lecture shows how teachers can incorporate “Teaching East Asia: Korea” by Mary Connor into classes and curriculum.


After the second lecture, there was a Korean Hanbok Show by Youngmi Yi, the Director of the Myung Won Cultural Foundation. Hanbok is a traditional Korean dress. Hanboks for many different occasions were presented to the class.

At lunch, there was another lunch box with many different, assorted Korean flavors. Jini Shim, the Assistant Director, explained the ingredients of the delicious Korean food.

The third lecture was from Meher McAuthur, an Asian art Curator, Author and Educator. It was called “The Art and Architecture of Korea.” Topics it covered included: Three Kingdoms period burial objects, the elegant celadons of the Goryeo period, paintings both religious and secular, lacquer ware and textiles, with accompanying images or similar art forms from China and Japan. 

The fourth and final lecture was by Kee Soon Sung, the President of Korean Folk Art Association, called “Korean Folk Art.” It was an art lesson where Mr. Sung paints a Tiger and Magpie. After Jini Shim, the Assistant Director, gives an explanation of the Tiger and Magpie painting, everyone is given a colorless Tiger and Magpie to paint themselves.

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