Director’s Thank You Message

Dear participating educators, administrators, and staff of schools in the LA area and beyond,
I would like to send you a heartfelt congratulations and a big thank you for completing the 5-day seminar with us. It was a long journey and I am very glad that everyone showed their enthusiasm and appreciation for the seminar throughout the week. I also very much enjoyed reading all the notes in the group thank you card. And of course thank you for the flowers and the cake–this year’s seminar was exceptional in that the participants seemed to have bonded more strongly and gave numerous advice that we can use to improve the next seminar.
I hope that you will use the Common Core: Korea hardcopy book and the online version in your classrooms. I also welcome any feedback you have about the book at any time.
Please continue to promote and use the knowledge and the materials that you have gained from this seminar in your class and your arena of work. Please send us any action plans, preferrably using Common Core: Korea book, that you may have for extending the experience and the content of knowledge to students and the bigger community. Please send this to me:
We are currently planning for a group trip to Korea in the near future. The selection committee will consider the action plan and implementation of those interested to attend. We will have more information about this in the coming months.
By the way, the team of teachers from Chicago will be hosting a 1-day National Korean Studies Seminar back at their school, University of Illinois, this October. We are so happy that NKS is expanding throughout the nation and hope that it will continue. If any of you also have an action plan to start a workshop such as this, please let me know. We will arrange the funding and provide other necessary support as best we can.
Thank you all!

Sung Kim

National Korean Studies Seminar




Dear all NKS Seminar speakers and performing artists:
We have ended another successful week of National Korean Studies Seminar. This year was the most successful seminar due to your hard work and participation. The Common Core: Korea online version was published, the seminar handout online version was also published, and in it we will have your lectures and other multimedia materials made available through it. We will need your help in making improvements to the Common Core: Korea book. We hope that all this effort will bring about a change in the history, culture, and social science textbooks to have more information about Korea and be used to teach students throughout the nation.
The participating educators were very impressed and commented numerous times that they felt so appreciative for such high quality lectures, performances, and cultural activities, and a roster of speakers and performing artists. Teachers wrote in their feedback that they will promote what they have learned through your lectures and presentations back in their home schools and communities. We can’t thank you enough!
NKS will continue to grow and expand, and would like for you to be a part of it. We hope to see you again next year.
Thank you very much!
Sung Kim
National Korean Studies Seminar


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