Staff Bio: Sung S. Kim

Sung S. Kim

Director of Seminar, National Korean Studies Seminar,

President of K-12 Korean Language Teachers Association in the USA (KLTA-USA),

Program Director, International Korean Educators Network (IKEN)

Certificated teacher, Korean Dual Language Program,
Cahuenga Elementary, Los Angeles Unified School District
(909) 973-0449 (C)
Sung Kim, a graduate of the English Education Department, Seoul National University, is a dedicated professional who has developed creative Standards-based lessons for elementary teachers throughout the Los Angeles area since 1993. She achieved MA degree in TESOL at California State University. She teaches in the Korean Dual Language Program in the Los Angeles Unified School District since 1993.

As the director of National Korean Studies Seminar ( ), Sung Kim has managed all seminar development including grant writing, all communication with Korean Cultural Center, and recruiting the educators and administrators with Mary Connor, adviser of this seminar. Kim has also helped to create numerous power point slide lectures on Korean history and culture for elementary and secondary classes. In recent years she has participated in the American Council of Teachers of Foreign Language (ACTFL) Conferences and a Symposium on Asia at UCLA as a presenter.

Sung Kim has dedicated to Korea Academy for Educators (KAFE) from 2005 to 2013 as a vice president and assistant program director, helping Mary Connor.

As the President of KLTA-USA (, she has managed general operations and grant writing to help Korean language teachers in the USA for providing Korean Online Contents, a Korean online teaching materials and networking resources since 2010.  As a program director, she has actively involved in establishing International Korean Educators Network (IKEN, ) and developing the digital textbooks (Korean) for Korean language teachers. She also worked to establish Korean language classes in public high schools in East Los Angeles. She has been a board member of the Foundation for Korean Language and Culture and was honored for her contribution to the SAT Korean Practice Book Project (2005-2007). Since 2007, she had worked as an instructor in the Teachers College and Korean Heritage Education program facilitated by the Korean Education Center, Los Angeles. In 2010, she was awarded the “Distinguished Teacher of 2009” from the Minister of Education, Science and Technology Department of the Republic of Korea.

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  1. I took Mary Connor’s summer seminar three years ago, as well as the winter seminar. The information we received from the various expert was of high academic standard, and the several demonstrations throughout the week gave us a delightful insight into Korean life. Field trips to a Korean Temple, a typical Korean department store, and a delicious barbecue enriched our experiences. A Korean lunch was included every day.

    The insights I gained from the Korean seminar enabled me to enjoy my visits to South Korea and also North
    Korea much more, and more deeply. A served as President of the Koran Arts Council at USC Pacific Asia Museum for one year. None of these learning experiences would have happened without these excellent seminars.

    My interest in Korea continues. I have made Korean friends and hope to return to Korea soon.

    Lisa Davis

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